Monday, July 4, 2011

Boring week...

I'm sorry that I have not posted in a while, I haven't really had anything super exciting going on to write about. 

Tuesday was my day off, of which I sat in my room all day and read/worked on my paper...oh and the best part was that I took a nap! Before I took a nap there was an amazing thunderstorm here. The sky started to get very black, and then all of a sudden it was pouring and then there was a flash of lightning and crack of thunder right after. It was great. Tuesday they offer Zumba so Amy and I made our way there. Let me just say it is pretty much a work out to just get there. It is through Arcadia, but it is across town so we first had to walk a half a mile to the tube station, take a 45 minute tube ride to get to Notting Hill, then had to walk another half a mile from there to Palace court where zumba takes place. We stood outside ringing the doorbell for a good 20 minutes before we just decided to leave. We couldn't get in because since we don't live there, we don't have a key and we can't get in. So we made our treck to get back home. What did we decide to do next?! We didn't do what you would think, going out and running, going to the park? Nope. We went to McDonalds. We figured it was a good break even thing to do, instead of being able to work out we just went to get fattening food! I had a lovely chicken sandwich, fanta, and fries....all from the dollar menu of course! Then on our way out I bought a McFlurry...and in hopes of them flurrying my McFlurry there was more of an attempt this time. It was more than a lump of M&M's on top, they sort of did a once around the cup spin, of which I could have done myself. I have just been let down with the McFlurry's here! Rather sad. 

Wednesday was another work day. Nothing exciting happened there besides when I spilled a whole cup of water on myself. That was not pleasant. Then it was our typical Wednesday night with class and then Pub Quiz! We amazingly got 34 points! Well...not really. We awarded ourselves plenty of half points and double points. We still managed to come in about 5th, so apparently we didn't give ourselves enough credit! It was our last night of being able to do Pub Quiz with Billy, so we decided to give him our own quiz with questions we made up. Of course being 4 American girls, we gave him plenty of chick flick movie questions, and American questions. It was was decided that if he got less than a 60% than he lost, If he got more than a 75% he won...and if it was between them we got to have drinks. He got a 70% which was still pretty good, but still not winning. We stayed until the pub closed (about midnight) and had drinks and played more trivia. It was good fun.

Thursday yet another day of work, but it was the last day this week which is always great! This week flew by, it feels like I just got back from Ireland. Thats besides the point. It was another Zumba day so we decided to give it another go. Making that long treck to Palace Court, we got there in hopes of someone opening the door, and to our surprise someone did! We got there and it was great. We had a wonderful time zumba-ing. We worked up a good sweat. That was that though, nothing else exciting for Thursday. Now be ready for my adventures from the weekend!!

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