Monday, July 4, 2011

Relaxing day at Hyde Park

Sunday was just a day of relaxation. I slept in as much as I could, until there was some knocking at my door from our RLA Nelson. I really didn't do much of anything besides go to the park and do some homework. It was a lovely day outside, of course until about an hour after we got to the park. So I did have to venture off to buy a hoodie from a stand right outside of the park, but it was well worth it. Its a very comfortable hoodie.

They still had up all of the concert stuff from the 9 day series of concerts going on. Sunday was the last day, so we had a nice ambiance of music in the background as we sat in the grass doing homework. Actually before we sat in the grass, we had chairs...but then a man came up telling us that we had to pay to use the chairs. We thought that was ridiculous so we just sat on the ground from there on out. We ended up going back to Caitlin and Kat's flat so that Caitlin and I could book our flight and hotel for PARIS for my BIRTHDAY!!! I'm so excited. Sunday was nice because it was so relaxing, until it came to the booking. Even though I called Barclays before I left and told them that I would be in London, and Paris while I was there they put a hold on my card. I had to call them, they "fixed it", and I tried it again....wasn't fixed, so I had to call again! Finally it worked...but seriously?! Come on.


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