Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July in London...non-eventful.

There has never been any time in my life that I have not been home for the fourth of July. I may be away on a vacation or something like that, but always with family and/or friends. Needless to say I was feeling a little bit homesick yesterday sitting here in London at work (I miss my Bella bunny!!!!). Work wasn't bad, but I had to hear Oliver yelling at his secretary all day. He was being very unreasonable, surprisingly though when he checked my emails over he didn't yell, or tell me they were wrong. I didn't have anything wrong with them so I got to send them off!

I also had lunch with my academic advisor. To my delight I found that my paper so far was good and I could keep going with what I had. We met at Starbucks and my lunch was delicious. It consisted of a steak and mozzarella panini, caramel frappacino, and some salt and vinegar chips. The panini was absolutely delicious, I was actually surprised. So the meeting commenced, I have to have a rough draft handed in by Sunday, so that I can have the paper done by Tuesday. It is a 5,000 word paper about private equity. Not excited to write about that. Anyways, I went back and finished up with work...nothing too exciting about that...OH except the fact that Oliver said happy 4th! That was really all  my experience with the fourth of July was this year. And to think that last year, I was at the lake riding around on jet skis, having a BBQ. I wish I had that again this year, it's lik something is missing. It wasn't right. There's absolutely no sign of anything about that here, not that there should be...I guess I was just hoping.

I was sitting in my room last night procrastinating my reading for class and I was thinking back on past 4th of July's. The best memories are from when I was little and we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house. They had the pool, we had BBQ's (you know, BBQ chicken or burgers on the grill, grandma's potato salad, fruit salad, corn on the cob, and some sort of Red White and Blue desert, how I would kill for that here), campfires with smore's, and then we would have our own fireworks that we would go to Pennsylvania to get with Grandpa. Sometimes we would even go to Endicott to see the fireworks there, and in the background you could hear a compilation of American songs. Such good times back in the day, and that is all I can think about while I'm here. Other than working, I read a lot...and of course ate some more pasta for dinner. We had no internet here so its not like I could even be on the computer last night, I actually went to McDonalds to use the free Wi-Fi last night for about an hour...see now if I was home, I wouldn't be bored enough to want to be on the computer. I can only say that next year I better have a good 4th of July, it's scary to think that I will be just starting my career at this time....Don't want to think about that yet. Gah.  So here are pictures to illustrate what I should have been doing yesterday...


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