Monday, July 4, 2011

Royal Regatta!

This time of year in London is a lot of royal "games" if you will. There is the Royal Ascot, Cricket, and the Henley Royal Regatta. Basically people get all dressed up and wear fancy hats and go to these events, eat and drink. I missed the ascot, but hey who cares?! I got to go to the Regatta, which of course I could relate to much more just because I used to row. I have never wanted to get back in the boat more than I did on Saturday. It was frustrating, but of course still fun.

The day started off and we went to Paddington rail station. It was intense how many people were there. We stood in line waiting for our tickets at the instant ticket booth, and Amy's card wouldn't work (because we don't have the special chip in our cards) I tried it, and it worked. At first we thought it didnt, so we just went and stood in line to talk to the actual people, and in the mean time someone came up to me and asked if I was the last one to use the machine. At least they were honest, because I totally didn't know that it had worked. So I got my tickets, but Amy still had to wait in line. Rather than just being an extra person in the way, I decided to go to a store that was in the train station. It's called Accessorize, and I bought an awesome hat. I had a flower in my hair before, but then I bought the hat, not only so that I would fit in better at the Regatta, but also because its such a great hat. Amy met up with me, and then Kat and Liz did as well. We went to go get a traditional English breakfast. It was fabulous. It had eggs, hash brows, sausage, bacon, toast, mushrooms & half of a tomato. I almost ate the whole thing but couldn't quite do it.

We left the pub, and made our way back to the train station where we met up with Caitlin. We were finally all together so we headed to the train. There were absolutely no seats to sit in, it was very cramped the whole ride, very uncomfortable. It was still fun to see all of the crazy shoes and outfits that were there. We had to make a transfer, where yet again, it was very crowded but hey it was a short ride this time. We finally made it. It was such a cute little town. Very very quaint, right on the river. There were a lot of people everywhere. I got like a rush of happiness and excitement to see the boats on the water, and people rowing, it just made me want to do it again. We had to find the perfect spot to sit. There was a constant traffic jam. We finally made it to a spot where we were close to the river, and had a place to sit, but of course there were a bunch of people walking right in front of us that never ended. We finally just decided to make our own spot right on the river which was splendid. We got to do a lot of people watching, and of course race watching. Harvard was even there which was pretty sweet. We sat in the sun trying to get some rays before we had to make our way back home. The train ride home was very quick and painless. Everyone got a seat which was great. Kat, Amy and I had to meet up with pub quiz master Billy to go to a comedy play. It was a great show, very funny.

After the show we had another person to add to our group, Billy's friend that was in the play. We were going to just chill at a pub for a little while, but once again the stupid bus got us and we missed our stop. So we ended up just going to the next destination and just hanging out there for a few hours. We didn't get home almost until the sun was rising...Stupid bus....yet again. It was time for bed for me.

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