Friday, July 8, 2011

"Boom Chacka Lacka"

Sleeping in to noon is a wonderful thing. It is a rare occasion for me to be able to do that so I take advantage of that when I can. I did have my alarm set though for 10:30am, heard it, turned it off, and rolled back over. I decided that was too early for me. I mean that sort of did ruin my plans for the day though. I was planning on getting up, going to Camden Market, and maybe getting a manicure or pedicure to treat myself, or instead of that I was thinking of going to the Olympic venue. I figured I would see what I felt like as the day progressed. Well...that didn't work out so well. As I said I slept until noon, which I have a legitimate excuse for that...I was up until 2am working on my paper. See...legitimate. So I got up, and of course the first thing I do is check my email and facebook. I had a message asking if I wanted to meet up with some people for of course I said yes! I got ready and got on the tube and headed all the way towards South Kensington. That is a good 40 minute tube ride. I got there, and I am so glad that I went. It was DELICIOUS. I had a lovely chicken and mushroom alfredo. I ate the whole thing. Don't judge. By the time we were done with that it was about 2:30. Thats ok though, my day was just starting.

I decided to be a bad influence on Caitlin and had her come to Camden market with me. The night before I pulled it up on google and located it on google maps, well it lied. It said that the easiest way to get there was off of Kings Cross. It wasn't. People around there didn't even know what we were talking about. We decided to walk in the general direction that we thought it was, and asked another person. We were going the right we continued walking. Finally we came up to it, and of course there was a tube stop right outside of everything. It was awesome though. I wish I had all day to go through there. It had all of the traditional touristy stuff, kind of what a boardwalk is like on the beach. They had a whole bunch of dresses, shoes, shirts, jewelry, etc. The best part was bargaining. I did a lot of that and saved a lot of money on the dresses that I bought. See now, it sounds like I have bought a lot, but I really haven't. I always purchase things at a good deal, and the way I see it justified is that I didn't get to travel as much as I wanted...although I could have I wasn't going to go to Rome I figure I'll just go shopping instead. Makes it worth it. Anyways, I bought three fun going in there and bargaining. The asian men that work there are so good at their job. Of course you say something is cute and they jump right on that....I got told that this dress would make me look like a "boom chacka lacka"...I'm not even sure what that means...but I bought the dress. It really is cute on. I'm glad I bought it. Anyways, we walked around there for a little while, we only had about 2 hours until we had to head out again. Pictures of my dresses from the market. I only spent 35 pounds on all three!

6pm rolled around and we had to get on the tube to go to our Jack the Ripper tour. It was pretty cool to learn about the stuff...but I'm glad we didn't have to pay for it. I would have been upset if we paid. If I had not seen the movie "From Hell" which is all about Jack the Ripper, then it would have been interesting to hear all of the stories....but since I had seen it...basically everything he told us was following the movie plot. It was fun never the less. After that it was time to head home. I made it home fine, and started working on my paper again. I had 3,500 words done last night...and now it is finally done. I have over 5,000 words. I have to put in my citations and read over it and make edits before I send it in as my rough draft, but the hard part is done! WOOHOO. I told myself that I would have it done by Friday, and I did it. Go me. Anyways its time for bed for this girl. Tomorrow is another long day.


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