Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Retail Therapy

The best day of the week is Tuesday. Why do you ask? Well if you haven't figured it out by now...it's my day off! I started the day off by sleeping in, best thing ever to do when you have nothing to do. I woke up about 11am, got online checked my email, and facebook as usual nothing too exciting. I did get to start my day off by talking to Geoffrey though, which is always the best way to start the day. I sat in bed writing my paper for a little while (still in my PJ's of course). My paper is up to 1,800 words, and needs to be 5,000...so I feel that I have a good start.

Of course it was a lovely day outside, and I didn't want to sit inside all day working on my paper and reading, although that would have been the responsible thing to do. What was a better thing to do than write my paper do you ask?! Going to Oxford street and shopping of course. I met up with Caitlin in Primark, only because she had exchanges...otherwise I would not have stepped foot in that store. It is much too crowded for my liking anymore. I feel that I have gone in and done some shopping, and I'm done now with that. I wasn't just aimlessly shopping though, I did have a reason for shopping. I needed to get something to wear in Paris for my birthday. We started off in a few different stores, with no luck of course. Either too expensive or just not what I was looking for. We headed down the road and we decided to go into the House of Fraiser. Downstairs had some cute dresses, but none I really liked once I put them on...and I wanted to buy some new converse and a planner from paperchase, but I decided that I was there looking for one thing. I can get that stuff some other time...like back in the States where the exchange rate doesn't suck. Of course the dollar is devaluing and the pound is increasing in value while we are over here so it makes it worse. I then continued upstairs into House of Fraiser, and there we were in the VERY expensive part. Yes there were amazing clothes in there, but it was much too expensive. If I had 200 pounds to just throw around on a dress than I was in the right spot, but since I didn't I was very out of place. I did purchase perfume though. Its the Armani Code for women, which I have wanted for a long time, but I always thought it was too expensive. Here it was only 40 pounds which even with the exchange rate I saved money. So excited. I went into many different stores before finally going into Topshop and getting my birthday dress, a little black dress. I am so excited for it to be my birthday so that I can wear that and my new shoes. I went into a store that is going out of business, and got two pairs of shoes. I love them. That was my therapy for the day...I didn't spend too much but I got everything that I wanted. Now all I need to get are accessories. Preferably a colorful necklace to wear. Other than that I'm set to go to Paris, tickets and hotel are booked...and now I've got my dress and shoes! (not going to show you pictures of my birthday stuff...have to wait to see that on!!)

My new shoes! Super cute

For dinner we went to Pizza Hut. Even though I had some food at my place I still wanted to have pizza. It was absolutely wonderful. There were these kids though next to us that were just out of control. I don't get parents that can't control their kids. I finally headed home with my purcases and couldn't wait to get home to just relax. Of course when since I have been home I haven't done anything productive, but I feel that is just fine!

Every day when I get home I check my mailbox, and nothing is in there. Today there was stupid junk mail in my box, and it wasn't even for me. It makes me sad seeing an empty box every day! Here is my address incase anyone wants to send me mail to fill that void of a depressing empty mailbox.

Jessica Ford
1 Thoresby Street
London, N1 7TQ


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