Monday, July 18, 2011

Today was my presentation. So the only thing that I have school related left is my final! WOOHOO!. My presentation sucked though, I had so much information to spit out that I totally blanked and had a hard time coming up with exactly what I wanted to say. But its done so all is good. On my way home though it DOWNPOURED! It sucked, but hey I made it home and could change which was good.

After that I sat in my room updating my blog, and the Sam got home from the zoo. We went to the Eagle for a dinner before she leaves tomorrow. I can't believe its been a week already, seems like she just got here. We sat there for a few hours just talking having a great time. Other than that I slept in until 1pm today, that tells you how tired I really was!! I'm going to go to bed here soon too.


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