Friday, July 8, 2011

Life Lessons...go with the flow. Seriously.

The one thing, if anything that I have learned while I have been here is that I should never plan things. I always have been the person that likes to have a plan from the minute I wake up, until the minute I lay my head on the pillow. I think that I really shouldn't be that person anymore. Its kind of annoying to be honest. I don't know why I go through all of the stress of trying to plan every little thing in my life, it is so much more liberating not doing that. When I plan something, something else ends up happening and you know what? It still ends up being fun...sometimes even more fun that what I had thought I would be doing. I am going to try my best when I get back to school to try to not be as much of a planner. I mean yes, for certain things such as school, and weekend vacations, those need to be semi planned, but for everything else...I'm going to try to go with the flow.

I think that it will make me much less stressed, and enjoy life much more. You know what, I'm not going to get frustrated if I get lost, or can't find what I'm looking for. It is a new adventure that God has put before me and its the door that he wants me to take rather that what I have planned. I'm not going to fight him, I'll just go with the flow. That is my plan...hopefully it can stay that way.

I just wanted to let you know my life lesson that I have learned while I have been here for 6 weeks.


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