Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day Trip to Brighton

Today was our day trip to Brighton. For those of you that don't know, Brighton is a small town on the coast of England. It is about a 2 hour bus ride from London. Not too shabby. The morning came early, as I stayed up late last night to finish my paper, the important thing though is that I finished. Of course it is only my rough draft, but the hard part is done! So morning came too early, I got up, got ready and went over to McDonalds to get some coffee before making my treck over to Palace Court (where we met the coach bus). I finally got there, and got on the bus to wait a good 15 minutes before we finally left. We were off. Our fist stop before Brighton was the Charleston House. This honestly I could have done without, it was very boring and I didn't know anything of what they were talking about. Apparently there were artists that lived in this house, and it was pretty because they had painted everything from the walls, to window fixtures, to fireplaces. It was very unique, but as I said I could have done without and been perfectly fine.

From there we went to Brighton...this was only about half an hour away from the Charleston House, which was good because I wasn't sure how much longer I could handle the bus. It was a very pretty area. We got off the bus and went right to the pavilion. I know you're thinking why would you go to a picnic house, well its not your typical pavilion. It looked like the castle that was in Aladin. I'm not lying. So we went got our pictures of that, and a pretty fountain and then headed towards the pier. We needed was bad. We got some fish and chips...of which they wanted me to eat it with this stupid little wood pronged thing. I said screw that and just picked it up and ate it like a chicken finger. Oh, side note...I will be eating all of my french fries with vinegar from now on....just a forewarning. I LOVE it. We ate outside on the pier which was awesome, but we were getting blown away, we were out on the water obviously and it was so windy. The waves were pretty choppy. I can't even tell you how much it made me miss Maine. I think being homesick is bad, but then when you miss some place that isn't even your home thats when you know its bad.

We finished up lunch and headed down toward the rides. I was so full at that point that I couldn't stomach riding anything, which was rather unfortunate if I do say so myself. We were on our way back to go down to the beach and look in some shops, where we saw a woman attempting to ride a mechanical bull. Let me just say that was quite the sight. Rather amusing. We continued on after watching her fall off the bull three times in a matter of a minute. So we of course went down to the water. How exciting, everyone was all like OMG it's going to be so cold don't go in! Well I wanted to see just how cold it was...pathetic. I was thinking to myself...go to Maine, then you will feel cold water. Wimps.

Anyways so we continued on to shops, which all sucked. Then we came upon some tables that had homemade jewelry...that was pretty awesome...didn't get anything though. I held myself back! After that we only had about an hour left so we went and started meandering back towards where the bus would be and we stumbled upon "the lanes". This was a cool little area, tiny walkways around unique little shops. Very cool...and then the best thing!? We saw an ice cream place that had ice cream on sugar cones rather than stupid air filled cardboard cones. So excited...and it was green mint chocolate day was made.

We got back to the bus, and I must say that the ride back was much more comfortable...and I slept almost the whole way. We got into London, I headed home and took a shower. I am now writing this, I plan on watching a movie and then going to bed. Lame...I know. Well tomorrow will be another fun day in London. It is our last weekend here! Next weekend for my birthday we will be in Paris...and then the weekend after I go home. How crazy.


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