Thursday, July 21, 2011

London Eye

Today I was woken up by the maid that comes into empty the garbage and vacuum my room. I can't believe I slept until 12:30. Oh well, I guess I needed it. I was up late reading last night, I decided that because I have time for myself I can actually read a book that I want to read, not something I have to read. I am determined to finish Deception Point by Dan Brown in 2 nights. I leave the day after tomorrow!!

But after I got up out of bed, I packed all of my clothes, except what I want to wear the last two days! I am definatily going to need to pay the extra charge for a heavy bag. It will be a humorous sight to see me going through the tube with all of my stuff. I really had no idea what to do today, so what better to do than go walk up and down Oxford Street. I did't really want to spend money, so I just went and window shopped. I went into the Body Shop, and they gave me a mini makeover, that was fun. I felt pretty for the rest of the day. After that I went to Liberty. I had to go there because Professor Wollan suggested that I go there. It was awesome, and fun to look at stuff but wayyy to expensive. I continued walking down Oxford street, and then came across a store that was shutting down. They sold shoes. I bought two pairs of boots for 25 pounds total. SCORE! They're super cute too. 

I had some time to go home and kill, so of course I watched an episode of the O.C. When 8pm rolled around, I went to meet Caitlin to go on the London Eye. That was awesome, it was beautiful at night. I of course took lots of pictures of the same thing but it was still awesome!! Totally suggested that you do it at night. 

Now it is time for me to read again! Goodnight. 

pretty sunset


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