Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Olympics in a year? I think yes....

Today started out like any other day. Wake up to an alarm clock, put on the snooze for about a half an hour, then finally get up to start the day off. 

Today was Sam's last day here in London, she is probably getting home about now as I am writing this blog post. We decided to go to Camden Market when it opened so that she could do something the last day here. Unfortunately when you get there 15 minutes after it opens, there's not a whole lot going on. We still got to walk around and I had a wonderful bottle of freshly squeezed orange juice again! So good, I love it. We only got to walk around for about an hour before we had to head back so that she could get her bags and depart for the airport. I walked her to the tube station, and then went separate ways from there of course. I am not looking to have to get all of my luggage to the airport on my own, it will not be fun. 

So Caitlin and I met up to go to the Olympic Venues. I just wanted to see it before I left, and going to see the venues made me want to come back for the games! I can't even imagine what it will be like in a year from now. It will be amazing. We couldn't really do a whole lot there, but walk around a few different areas and take some pictures of the construction. 

Aquatics Center!! <3

Main Venue, Opening and closing ceremonies will be here

After that, we couldn't really do anything else so we decided to head back to go to Camden Market again because Caitlin hadn't been since we went at closing a few weeks ago, and I needed to get something that I regretted not getting before. So we got on the DLR train that went from the Olympic Venue to Bank station so that we could switch there and go up to Camden. We had to make a transfer on the DLR and I found the big financial district outside of London. If I were to ever work in London, I'm sure that would be where I would work. Its weird because its outside of London, but still considered to be in london. So its on the outskirts, but then there is this little grouping of huge buildings that were all just Citi, Barclays, Bank of America, KPMG, Credit Suisse, and many more. I couldn't even imagine working there in a few years from now, or even a year. 

Financial Heaven

So we made our connection, arrived at bank and went to switch lines to get to Camden. This became an issue where there was an announcement over the loud speakers "due to a reported alert, all passengers must evacuate immediately." Caitlin and I were very confused and really didn't know what was going on, but we made sure to get out of there. Once we were leaving a bunch of maitenance people were watching the videos in the observation room, and then there were a bunch of fire trucks that zoomed past us. So we were still wondering what was going on, but we caught a bus and headed towards Angel to get on a tube station we knew, and was far away from Bank. So when we got to Angel there was a notice saying that due to a reported fire there would be no stopping at Bank, but we were going the other way so that was fine. It just always seems to be Caitlin and myself that run into problems and bad luck. Oh well, we made it there, walked around for a little bit. 

When we decided to leave I went to Kings Cross to get a tshirt from the London 2012 store, it was cheaper there than at the actual site. Pretty pumped. So after that we went our seperate ways. I got to Angel and was wondering what I was going to have for dinner, of course all I have left is cup of soups or pasta. Of course I had pasta. With the pasta I wanted to have garlic bread, so I stopped at the 24 hour mart that usually has some, they were out. The texaco was out, and the other 24 hour mart didn't carry any. So I had to walk all the way to the grocery store just to get a simple thing of garlic bread. Oh well it was so good and worth it!! :)

Other than that I watched some episodes of the O.C. and read some for my final tomorrow. I'm getting ready to go to bed now!! 3 Days!


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