Monday, July 18, 2011

Birthday in Paris

Not many people can say that they celebrated their 21 birthday in Paris. Well I can. So Saturday we woke up an hour later than we wanted to, not on purpose. It was a complete accident...our phones didn't change back from the time difference so yeah, our day started an hour late. It was ok though, it all worked out. We went to the Louvre and the line wasn't long at all! So we of course made our way to the Mona Lisa first saw a bunch of stuff a long the way. Then we wanted to go to another wing, but the person at the check in took our ticket so we couldn't really leave without getting back in! So I stood there and pretty much just stood there until I pissed them off and they called over to the other wing we wanted to go to. We got in to see the old moats of the louvre...pretty sweet.

So we left the Louvre and made our way to Notre Dame, took some pictures and then left to go back to our hotel. We took a much needed nap...and then got ready to go out for dinner and the Eiffel tower. Our dinner was great! Probably the best part of the night. We went to a fondue place, and I had to climb over the table to sit down. But it was because it was such a small place. And then we drank wine out of baby bottles. Such a great experience. So then we made our way to the Eiffel tower to meet up with some other people...and because it was raining there was no line! That was nice. But I would have much rather it not be raining. So we got in the elevator and made the long trek to the top. It was extremely windy and cold up there. We couldn't find the champaign I got half of my birthday wish. But yeah. I didn't get to wear my new shoes either because it was so windy cold and wet that I was afraid that I would fall! Not taking that chance. After that the rest of my birthday was anticlimactic, we went back to the hotel. HAHA! Sleep was a wonderful thing though.


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