Monday, July 11, 2011


So I have many countdowns going for the moment.

Number 1 : Time until Sam gets here: 23 hours.

Number 2:  Time until my paper is due: 1 day, 17 hours.

Number 3: Days left at Pro Capital 2

Number 4: Time until my 21 Birthday: 4 days, 2 hours, 30 minutes.

Number 5: Days until I go home: 12.

It keeps me saine, and it also helps me with time's a wonderful thing. I can't wait for all of them! was my last Monday at Pro Capital...thank the lord. Monday's are the worst. I never want to wake up. Although, I did work on my paper about a quarter of the time that I was there. Shhh don't tell. I felt that it was a good use of time because well, I couldn't do anything until Oliver checks what I have done anyways. Whatever. So on my lunch I went and bought a sandwich from Pret, such a good decision on my part...SO GOOD!...I also bought some nail polish. It has been too long since I have painted my nails. Its such a cute color, its called coral. I went back finished up work, it was surprisingly a fast day. Wonderful. Tomorrow morning Samantha gets into town. I am pretty excited about that!

I came home...finished my paper. Now I just have to maybe make some minor changes tomorrow but other than that everything is done! Then I ate sushi for dinner. At lunch today I bought some sushi, because I was craving it. What a better reason than that!? So yes, sushi for dinner. Delish. Oh...I also ate the rest of my mini strawberries that I bought at Camden Market. MMMMM

Other than that I have been in my room, painted my nails and pissed at iTunes. I paid to rent a movie last night, but it didn't download last night. It said that it would take 6 hours (much better than the original 8 hours). So I decided to watch it tonight...well it already expired. I'm going to complain. Makes me so angry. Now I don't know what I'm going to do tonight since that plan is gone...I guess I'll figure it out at some point. Probably when I'm done on here....well I'm now I have to figure that out. Humph.


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