Monday, July 4, 2011

Wimbledon one minute, ginger the next

I am pretty sure that anyone with any sort of sports knowledge has heard of Wimbledon before...well if you haven't its only one of the biggest tennis matches, or it is the biggest I'm not sure. See, I said you should have heard about it, not know all the details about it.

Well Friday that is what we decided to do. We decided to go to Wimbledon. When we met at the train station we had to put some more money on our tube pass, just because it is outside of zones 1&2. We were already to head out and go to Wimbledon, we had our food packed for a lovely picnic and of course we all looked fabulous. We made our journey there, and after about 45 minutes we finally got there. It was a lovely area that it was in, and we had to walk through Wimbledon Park to get to the stadium. There was a fun little playground for kids, tennis courts and a beautiful trellis garden. We went and found the queue, which wasn't hard to find, because it was a 5 hour queue to get inside. Just to the grounds, you couldn't even see the courts, and it was still about 20 pounds. The grounds was just a hill with a big screen television for you to watch, and apparently thats where they get have to pay. We decided it wasn't worth it, so we made our way back to the park and popped a squat to eat our picnic. It was a lovely picnic, we had some cherries, strawberries, clementines, carrots, humus, bread, cheese, and of course for dessert my favorite, chocolate chip brioche rolls. MMMMM. We sat there for quite a few hours, and it was just cool being in the environment of Wimbledon, even though we couldn't even tell we were there. We snapped a few cool pictures of the entry way to the queue and headed out.

Next stop? Primark. We went to Primark for a few minutes, and then we went to Boots (the pharmacy) and bought me some hair dye. We were talking earlier that day and I decided that I wanted to change up my look. So we bought some hair dye and dyed my hair later that night. In the mean time we went to get some food to make at Kat's flat, so we got some Indian food, pretty good. On our way back to her flat we walked through Hyde park and hear some music. We thought it sounded familiar....but we weren't sure. We kept walking, but then we started to realize that it was a band we knew, it ended up being the Black Eyed Peas. We ended up sitting down in Hyde Park to finish up the rest of our picnic and then dance music started playing and then we got up and danced around like crazy people. It was a lot of fun.

We went home, dyed my hair red, and then took the night bus home. That was yet again another interesting time...I hate the night bus. But we made it home alright...finally and called it a night.



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