Thursday, June 2, 2011

Days 1 and 2

The first day of me being here wasn't all that exciting. I went from the airport to the house I am staying in, called the Thoresby House in Islington. After meeting a few people I had to lug all of by baggage up to the fourth floor (with no lift). The first thing I did was open my computer and email people saying that I was here! Of course I wanted to unpack but only had a few minutes before I was out the door again. We were taken to the stores to buy our sheets, towels, groceries and other necessities. I was expecting a small store, and that is what I got but it was very out of the ordinary. It was called Argos, a catalog store. It was the "wal-mart" of central London, but not your typical store. You went in and there were about two dozen huge books on a table, you had to look in these books to find the items you wanted, write them down, take them to the cashier pay and they bring your stuff out to you. It was very bizarre, yet pretty cool. We then got our groceries, which was awfully expensive!! Came back here, continued to unpack for a few minutes and out the door again to our house meeting where we met everyone in our house and ate some pizza, Dominos go figure. Then we went to the local area up the street to go buy anything else we needed. I bought my local phone and walked around and visited a local pub. Bed came about 1am for me because our Arcadia guide said to stay up as late as you can so that you won't have such a jet lag experience. Of course morning came too fast. 

Today, the second day was much better than the first. We had orentation, and found out more about my internship. I will be right around the corner from where I am living so that will be great, and I start Monday. We then had a scavenger hunt where we adventured through London. We saw many of the local touristy spots. Big Ben, St. Pauls Catedral, an art museum (cannot remember the name), The London Eye. I didn't take any pictures because I forgot my camera today, but a few of us are planning on going back around those areas again Saturday and Sunday to take in the area more and embrace the local area and history. 

It is amazing looking at BigBen and Parlement, the architecture is so intricate and the history is awing. I cannot wait to take in the culture. I rode the tube as well as a double decker bus today, that was a fun experience as well. I am off to bed, we walked so much today I am exhausted! I am excited to see what comes tomorrow, but I am ready to have a set schedule and get into my routine...I guess that is only Monday away.  


  1. Oh to be young again and have such awesome opportunities. Don't miss a thing and send pics.
    PS: Don't forget the Strohmans!

  2. Enjoy your time Jess. Not many get this kind of opportunity. Capitalize on all your chances to experience something new Jess. That's one of the main things we liked about being Military and the travels we had. Remember to stay safe though,.... "You're not in the good ol' USA". Try NOT to stand out as an American. Love ya.

    Kevin & Nita