Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Abbey Road, Sherlock Holmes, Dirty Dancing.

Boy oh boy do I have stories for you!! Yesterday was Tuesday so I had the day off from work. I woke up and it was beautiful outside. I sat in my room for a good 10 minutes trying to decide what I wanted to wear. Did I want to wear shorts, or my capri pants. This was a big decision to make because as I have already stated the weather changes so quickly, and for those of you that know me I am generally the first one to get hot. I finally decided to go with the capri pants, I figured that would be a safe bet.

So from there my choices for the day only got easier! I went down to Leicester Square to buy tickets for Dirty Dancing. I was finally going to see the show, I had the tickets in my hand and I was so excited!!! It was only a matter of hours before I could go see a reanactment of only the best movie ever, with the best music and of course...dancing! From there I had half of a day to do whatever I wanted before I had to go to the show. So Caitilin and I decided to go to Abbey Road, to do as the Beatles once did. That was a project if I had ever seen one. We were determined though to get the perfect picture, but between all the other people trying to get that perfect picture, the people that were just crossing it as a normal cross walk, and of course the stupid cars it was a very difficult thing to do. But we got it!! Thanks to endless amounts of time and sports instantaneous mode on my camera, we were there for about an hour trying to get that picture, but we got it! Abbey Road....check.

We then decided we wanted to go to the Sherlock Holmes museum. It wasn't really a museum it was more of a house that was decorated back in the days where Dr. Holmes was around, and then had a few different cases that were in the books. I mean it was pretty cool, but I could have gone without. I mean we got a few cool pictures which made it worth it for sure!! We were only in there for about half an hour, if that. Then it was on to the next adventure. Keep in mind that the only time we took the tube this whole time was from Leicester Square to Abbey road, and Abbey road is very out of the way from everything else. We walked to the Sherlock Holmes museum and then to our next destination which happened to be the Palace Court flat. I needed to pay to go to Brighton in a few weeks, and Caitlin needed a refund. We found that they have Zumba classes every day for free, so we of course were ticked because we wanted that too. I sent an email and she said the more the merrier (great, but we have to pay for transportation to there!) so we can go to Zumba!! HERE I COME!

We had about an hour to kill before Caitlin and I had to go home before the play, so we went to the science museum. Which I must say, isn't as cool as the Boston Museum of Science....but, it is free entrance! On our way there we cut through Hyde Park again, and got an ice cream cone!! And if any of you can tell me what that stick is that they put in the ice cream that would be great! I think they call it a flake? I didn't get one because it was a whole pound more, but it looked interesting. Oh, and it stinks because they don't have sugar cones, they only have the cones that are like filled with air and don't have any flavor at all. I will be happy to get a nice sugar cone when I get back to the states. Anyways, in the science museum we looked around a little bit, but we didn't have a whole lot of time so we decided that will be a whole day adventure. We parted ways, and headed home. At this time I was almost twitching with excitement for the play, I was practically running through the subways.

I got home, finally, and when I got to my bedroom door there was a HUGE box sitting outside of it. It was a rather pretty box, black and white with a paisley pattern on it. I was quite excited to find out what was in it. It was a bouquet of roses and lilies!!! Guess who it was from?! You guessed it, my amazing boyfriend! He sent me flowers all the way to London. I must say it is a great touch to my room. Makes it not feel as though I am living in a dungeon. I couldn't help but smile for the rest of the day, I was so excited. I love them.

I got distracted from getting ready for the play! I had to hurry up and get changed in to nice clothes so I could go see the play I have been waiting for! I go ready, ran downstairs to meet with Amy to go to the play, we were both very excited. We got to the subway stop we needed to get off at, and walked towards the theater. We were meeting Kat there at the theater, and she had text me saying she was there, so I picked up the phone to call her. I called her, she said she was outside of the theater, but the show was cancelled! WHAT?!?! You have got to be kidding. No. She wasn't. There was a big fire in the West end, which was right across the street from the theater and smoke had blown into it which prevented us from going to see it. As we were walking closer and closer to the theater, it was so smokey in the air, we all smelled like campfire. They did say that we could go see Betty Blue Eyes for free, and get a full refund on top of that. So we went to go see the free play. Umm, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It was a very odd show, very odd plot, and weird songs. I mean it was something to do and it was free...but it was NOT Dirty Dancing. I will hopefully be going to see that next Tuesday. Try try again...After the show we were all starving. We tried a few places but since everything shuts down so early here, the only place we could go was Dominoes. Original right? So we got a small cheese pizza, and devoured it. Even though it was burning our mouths, it was worth it.

Ok, so time to go home and go to sleep. We were going to take the bus back...HA HA! We sat at the bus stop for about 10 minutes, and saw absolutely no bus pass us. We gave up and rode the subway which was surprisingly busy at 12am. Anyways that is why I didn't write last night. So far I won't have that much of an interesting post tonight....


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