Saturday, June 4, 2011

Buckingham Palace. London Tower.

Big Ben 
Me infront of Buckingham Palace

The Group!

"If you love Boston, you will love London." This is what has stuck in my mind this whole time that I have been here. This city is very similar to Boston, with the elaborate history but the modern culture stuck in-between. I love this city, but I would have to say that Boston still has my heart! The one thing that does amaze me is the fashion. Here everyone seems so put together and fancy all of the time, and I feel like I stand out like a sore thumb wearing a t-shirt and sneakers.

Today a group of us went out on adventures. We went to Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, and the Tower Bridge. It was all so beautiful, everything was so detailed and intricate I was amazed. Buckingham palace itself didn't seem to impress me as much as the gate surrounding it. There was so much detail into this gate, and the monument in front of it that I couldn't seem to get past that. Don't get me wrong, the palace was great and beautiful but, it lacked the detail and beauty that this fence, BigBen, Parliament, and the Tower Bridge had.

We made our way to the tower bridge and tower of London. The Tower Bridge was gorgeous, so much better in person than in pictures. I didn't imagine how one structure could catch my eye so much, and leave me just getting lost staring at it. It left me wondering, because the crown jewels are in the tower of London, what is in the tower bridge? Anything?

I couldn't help but look around at the hundreds of people taking pictures of the scenes and of themselves with every angle possible. As I sat there I began to think back to the history hundreds of years ago. What was happening on that bridge then, I am sure it wasn't filled with tourists then. What was going on at the Tower of London? There is so much history in this city, it makes me want to get books and read up on this great city's history so that I can have that much more of an appreciation.

I will say one thing, getting lost in this city is so unbelievably easy. If you make one wrong turn you are completely lost. It isn't like New York where if you turn down one block you can go up to the next street and you will be where you need to be. There is NO straight street in the city of london, they curve, go diagonal, it is just crazy. I have
one more day of "being a tourist", then I live here, go to work and school. I don't want to think of that quite yet though.

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