Sunday, June 12, 2011


Don't worry everyone, I have not forgot about posting to my blog I just have been very busy the last few days and so of course that means I have a lot of updates for you! I don't even know where to start. I guess Friday...


Friday was my third day of work, and of course the last day of the week. I went into work hoping that Oliver, my boss, wouldn't be there as he wasn't Thursday morning. No such luck. Well at least even though he was there one of the other interns came in for half a day so I wasn't the only other one there. In the morning I started doing the research of companies and seeing what type of private equity they invest in, I was on a roll. Then it was almost time for Oliver to leave for a meeting and the intern asked me what I was doing this weekend and we started talking a little bit and of course Oliver said we have work to do. Heaven forbid we use our vocal cords. Oliver left and we of course talked, and Rebecca joined in as well and we just talked for a little bit. The other intern left and then it was time for me to get lunch. I walked back to my flat (in the rain), and had forgot my key to the front door so I had to have someone let me in. I felt like an idiot. My lunch consisted of a ham and cheese sandwich and cranberry juice of course. An hour goes by so fast when it is lunch time which is unfortunate because at work an hour drags on forever! Anyways, it was time for me to return, and to my surprise Oliver wasn't there yet!  I had a little bit of time before he returned from his lunch break, and once he did it was silent again. Only for about 2 and a half hours though because well he had another meeting to go to! Rebecca and I left at about 5 rather than 5:30 which was lovely.
Too much pasta

I came back to my flat and Amy and I decided that we would cook dinner with the other girls from another flat. Caitlin came and the three of us went to the grocery store, Sainsbury's. If you go with the Sainsbury's basics brand, it is amazingly inexpensive! LOVE IT! We decided to cook chicken Alfredo, garlic bread, and a salad. (note: just because some pasta is 17 pence a bag, you don't need three bags, let alone trying to cook all of them for four people). No italian meal is complete without some wine though, so we had that too. Once we ate and had our meal we wanted to watch a movie. There were a limited number of DVD choices for us to choose from, and we found a Mary-Kate and Ashley box set! We felt that it would only be appropriate to watch Winning London. It was sort of a disappointment to us because it wasn't as great as when we were 8 years old. It was a lovely night of just hanging out! Kat and Caitlin ended up staying for a slumber party because by the time the movie was done it was later than 12:30 and the tube was closed. Granted they could have figured out how to take the bus home, but let me just say that is difficult at night as you have probably already read in my other blog post.


Saturday morning came around and we woke up about 9:45. We were going to go to Buckingham Palace again to watch the Queen's parade but we didn't really want to deal with the crowd. We got ready, and then continued on to Caitlin and Kat's flat where they got changed and ready for the day. We were going to take the bus because it is much cheaper than the tube, especially on the weekend. Well, that ended up being an epic fail because I ended up being the last of the four of us to get on the bus and my card didn't work, it said I didn't have enough money on the dumb thing. So Caitlin and I got off the bus for me to fill up my card and we just decided to take the tube because it was much easier. I must say that Amy's face when she saw us on the sidewalk waving to them on the top floor of the bus was priceless. It wasn't just a confused look, it was more of an "Oh my goodness!!!" look. We ended up making it to their flat, and I needed some coffee because this instant coffee just isn't cutting it. Conveniently there was a Starbucks right off the tube station, I loved that cup of coffee more than any other I have ever had.

Peter Pan
After everyone was ready we went off to Hyde Park. This is where Caitlin and I split up from Amy and Kat. They sat in the park and read the book we have to read by Wednesday. On our way out of the park, because it is very big and easy to get lost in, we saw the Peter Pan statue, which I don't know why it is there but it was pretty cool I must admit. We then came upon the Princess Diana memorial fountain. It wasn't a fountain, it was more like a stream on a large track almost with a mini waterfall in it. We got to put our feet in the water and enjoy it. It reminded me of Maine because the water was about as cold as the Atlantic. We enjoyed that for a little bit, but then because the weather chances so rapidly it got chilly so we put our shoes back on and ventured off.

Princess Diana Memorial
As we were walking to a new destination, which we didn't really have one. We saw this HUGE group of people gathered on the edge of the park, and we didn't know what it was. We went up to a bobby and asked him what was going on and he said that it was a naked bike ride. Caitlin and I were taken aback by this, and we were like umm ok...we decided to definitely leave at this point. We looked on the map to see where we were and where we wanted to venture to. We weren't too far away from Oxford Street which we had heard that there was this store that was apparently very cheap. That was our next destination. On our way to much of our disgusted surprise, we saw a bunch of bare old mens butts. We were absolutely disgusted, and decided to walk much faster past this. We made it to Oxford street and found the store. It is called Primark and let me just say that I have NEVER been into a store that was as busy as this one was. It was a mad house, and no one had any mercy. You had to fight your way through the crowd and fend for yourself. Surprisingly enough Caitlin and I didn't lose each other. We found a bunch of cute stuff we wanted to get, but then we saw how long the line was to the cash registers and we decided enough was enough. We left and then did our errands that we had originally set out to do. She bought the book we need to read for our class Wednesday, and I topped up my phone with minutes. 

Photo Op that we got yelled at for
In the Princess Diana Memorial
We found a place to look at our map. On Oxford Street it was much like NYC because it was so crowded with a lot of shopping. The Tower Bridge was our next destination. Yes, I had already been there but Caitlin hadn't. We saw on the tube map that it wasn't that hard to get there. Until we found out that where we were going to make a transfer, the line was closed. It was good that it wasn't that much of a walk. On our walk, I saw this great picture opportunity. The area was sort of blocked off, but then there was an opening so we went in and got our pictures. Then a man came over and told us to hurry up get our picture and leave. Apparently we were bothering him with our touristy cameras. We made it to the tower bridge and tower of London. It had just started raining, and there was a rainbow behind the bridge. Beautiful. We walked over the bridge and were trying to find food. Any sort of restaraunt that said Tower Bridge in the title was much more expenive. We finally came across this pub that we could sit down and eat. All I wanted was a burger, but they were out so I just got fish and chips. Let me take this moment to tell you that my new favorite thing is chips with vinegar on it, and remember that chips here are fries. I also just wanted a Fanta soda, it wasn't the same. It tasted nothing like Fanta. It made me sad. It was like fizzy Sunny-D. But I guess it wasn't horrible because I drank the whole thing! We made our way to the tube station and made it home. Time for reading. I have to read a whole book and then some by Wednesday. BLAHH!
Rainbow in the background


Well today, I haven't done much so far. I slept in until about noon. I started my laundry, and now I am about done with my post. Today I really just expect to read, maybe watch a movie, and read some more. Should be a great day!

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