Friday, June 17, 2011

Bad News Bears....

Today was....I guess you would say a day of unlucky happenings. I had work today, my last day for the week (thank god!! two weeks down, 4 to go). I woke up to my alarm at 7:30 and I thought oh hey I will sit here for a minute and get up. Bad idea. I ended up getting an extra hour of sleep...which I was supposed to be to work at 8:30. I got up super fast threw on some clothes and out the door I went. I got there only 15 minutes late...not too shabby! Yadda yadda yadda work work work.....Yay it was finally time to go home! I got home and had to change before I went down to Leicester Square to return my Dirty Dancing tickets. I stood in line forever! People are so indecisive. was like 6:30pm, what show do you think you're going to be able to see that night an hour before showtime?! Seriously get real. The girls in front of me where definitely an entertainment factor though I must say. They were twins about my age, dressed the same, and they kept like staring other people down. Trying to make it desecrate but it didn't happen I hate to break it to ya. They were next in line, and by the desk there is a wall that is just a mirror. I have never seen anyone look at themselves that in depth before. It was like they had never seen what they looked like before I swear. I finally got up to the desk and the guy was so confused as to why I was returning my tickets. He didn't know there was a fire in the west end the day that I was supposed to go. He made a phone call and I got my full refund. NICE! He was very apologetic for me not being able to go, and I said oh dont you worry I WILL be going before the show ends.

I then decided to walk to meet Caitlin at Primark. It is basically like a huge target, fab clothing and shoes for such cheap prices. Of course though me being me I talked myself out of buying anything. I'd rather travel than spend my money on clothes. Anyways the walk was so long. It didn't look all that long on the map...and of course along my way my map fell out of my pocket so that is on my to do list today, get a new map! I thought I was lost because I kept walking and walking and had no idea how far the store was away. I guess I got my exersize though...After that we went to the grocery store, got some pasta to make some dinner at Caitlins...we were going to walk because it wasn't that far of a walk so we were off. Well we got the great idea to get a Barclays rent a bike and ride it to her flat which would be so much quicker and cheaper than the tube. Well we couldn't figure out the dumb thing. I swiped my card too fast, but Caitlin got hers to work so she just paid for two bikes. Well we got the code for one, but then we didn't understand why we couldn't get the second one. So I tried my card again, it worked that time, but then when it asked if I wanted to ride it now and get the code the machine broke. I tried and tried but every time the dumb thing said it wouldn't give me my code. So there I was bikeless. Caitlin put her bike back, but in the mean time I had thought what if she puts her card back in to get the second one. It worked!!! But wait...she put her bike back in the rack so we now once again had one bike. By that time it was pouring rain. We said we give up and took the tube. It was absolutely ridiculous. We looked like idiots i'm sure. We finally got back to her apartment cooked our dinner and it was time for me to figure out the bus to get back home. That was about a 40 minute bus ride, took forever and then the walk from the bus stop to my apartment toook forever too! Oh what a day...

The day before that, Wednesday I had work and class but then it was trivia night. We sucked. Big time. We came in last...again. But we weren't so close this time. We got a 7 out of 40. It was embarrassing. Oh well its fun. Today it is supposed to rain all day and it calls for heavy rain so that should be loads of fun...I think we may do museums. :)

I will let you know of course!


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