Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Monday Prickly Personality, Tuesday Hyde Park

Well yesterday was my first day of work at Pro Capital. I am not sure how it is going to go for the rest of the Summer, it surely will be completely opposite from last year. The employees consist of my boss, his secretary, myself and two other interns (from a different program, both from America). It is a very small office, but I do have a computer and desk space. My first day I didn't really talk because well, I was scared to. My boss, Oliver, is kind of a jerk. He was yelling at his secretary all day, but relatively nice to the other interns, of which I am not sure if is because they are male, or because they are interns. I guess I will find out soon enough. Of course, being me, I don't like when people don't like me or acknowledge that I am there, so I tried to initiate conversation. After I got back from lunch, he didn't say anything to me, so I say "How was your lunch?!". He gave me a confused look but answered with more than one word, and he said a few words to me then the conversation ended. Hopefully it will get better! I cannot say that I wasn't warned about this, my academic advisor said that he had a "prickly personality". He is French...

I woke up in the morning, and couldn't sleep the night before so I was very tired. I got all ready for work, I wore my black blazer, black pants, and button down shirt and of course my flats (no heels for me). I was on my way to work, and it was raining and chilly, never a good sign. I had my handy dandy umbrella though (from my lesson's learned: Never forget your umbrella), so I arrived dry! The only bad thing was that I have a tiny cheap umbrella so I was sure it was going to blow inside out, but all was good! I was a little bit early for work so I had to wait for my boss, Oliver, to get there. After waiting about 10 minutes he arrived, walked in the room and sat down. He didn't shake my hand which I thought was kind of rude, he then right off the bat asked me if I knew what Private Equity was. Of course I wasn't prepared for the question so I sounded like an idiot. He then asked me what school I go to, and what my GPA was. He looked at me like I was extremely dumb for not having the textbook definition of private equity. He told me I needed to read...so my first day consisted of reading. I read all about hedge funds, private equity, and what the company did. What a wonderfully boring day. The office is wayy to small for my liking, my boss is not friendly at all, but I hope that I will be doing actual work that is interesting! I will be working Monday, Thursday, and Friday from 8:30-5:30. But the good thing is that if I want to go travel for the weekend I can take off Friday or Monday!

Today though was a much better day. Not only did I have the day off, it was beautiful outside! I felt as though I fit in today! I wore a cute outfit, and apparently I didn't stand out as a foreigner because I didn't get a bunch of dirty looks! It was a good feeling I must say. I had to venture to get a packet for my class that starts tomorrow, which isn't really a packet is is more like a book. It seems as though we will be doing A LOT of reading for this one class. I will begin to be a lot busier with class and my 5,000 word paper I have to write.

After I got my packet, I walked through Hyde Park and met up with my friend Katherine, we had a lovely day. We walked around the park all day, which for two people who cannot walk in a straight line it is difficult to not walk into each other. We then were going to go to a museum but after we had been walking through Hyde Park all day (which is a HUGE park, like central park in NYC) we decided we were tired and wanted to just sit down for a little while. We went to a french restaurant and I had a delicious tuna salad, and we shared a bottle of wine. It was a lovely relaxing day for us! Tomorrow a few of us are off from work so we will be hanging out and site seeing in different places in London! I am not sure what yet, but I will let you know!


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