Thursday, June 9, 2011

I am glad its 30 degrees cooler here than back home!

All I could think about today was my internship last summer, because as we all know it wasn't the most exciting thing I have ever done. As I was thinking about that, I thought about the weather. All I can remember is the fact that it was sweltering hot outside and I never had arrived to work without sweating, no matter what I wore. On my way to work today and on my way home it was just a little bit chilly and I was wearing a long sleeve button up, and black pants. I would be dying of heat last summer, and as I saw the weather forecast for the states today and boy am I glad it is only 65 here!!

Also on my way to work I learned that you cannot follow a local across the streets. I glance across the road and it looks as though no one is coming, and rather than standing there looking across the streets for 30 seconds and missing my chance I followed a local and we both got honked at by a man on a moped. I guess you need to make sure you look for that 30 seconds. It is tricky because you have to look behind you to make sure that no one is coming, and no one in cross walks have the right of way. People on mopeds, or in cars, as well as people on bikes have the right of way. Them driving on the left side of the road still throws me off. Everyone warned me that you need to look left before you cross the road rather than right, well that isn't always true. There are a lot of one way roads and other tricky areas that are confusing. I'm glad they label the roads for all of the other people in the world that drive on the RIGHT side of the road.

As for work it was a little bit better today, I believe that is mainly because my boss was not there for half of the day. I got into work and talked to Rebecca, the secretary. She is very nice, rather funny as well. She told me not to take anything that Oliver says personally because he doesn't mean is just how he is. So this morning I read a little bit about companies that they have made deals with to make investment deals. I then had to do some analyst work by researching companies that they may want to do work with.  Oliver came back in about 12:30 and asked what I was doing, Rebecca told him and then he said I wasn't prepared for that yet. I found that to be ridiculous because all I was doing was looking at websites and writing down information from them. Whatever, I went to lunch then did more reading by the time I finished I had to take a quiz, of which I passed! OHHH!! And...I made him smile once today. I felt so accomplished by making him smile! Maybe I can again tomorrow.

Anyways it was time to come home finally, and I decided to take a nap. I wanted to take a short nap but it ended up being a three hours. I guess I needed it. I wish my day was more full of fun adventures to share, but I guess that not every day can be exciting!!  Another day of work tomorrow...


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