Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mehhh Midterm...YAY trivia night!

Of course today was another day of work. If only it was Thursday and I didn't have to work tomorrow...but I do. I must admit today wasn't that bad. Oliver was out of the office for about 80% of the day. It was great. Time goes by so much faster without him there. I did my usual stuff at work today...more looking up companies and emailing them. Great fun. 

5:30 came and I couldn't have gotten out the door faster. I had to go take my midterm...and of course sit through a stupid lecture. I took the test but couldn't wait to get out of there. My essay was so unorganized it was bad. I mean I was writing it and something new would pop in my head and I had to make sure to scribble that down quick before I forgot. It was finally over. It is Wednesday you can only imagine what that means?! Trivia night!!! WOOHOOO!

The Eagle (our pub)
So we quick got to the pub to get in on trivia night, but someone had stolen our table. Its not as though its our table that we just sit at every week, it is OUR table that we reserved. I was rather peeved that they took the table that said clearly on it "table reserved Jessica @ 7:30". Oh well, Billy (the trivia guy) made a place for us...because I mean we're locals now. Its great. We came in about 5th rather than dead last!! We were so excited when he named the lowest score, and the next lowest, and the next lowest, and we were in the middle! How exciting. We are determined to win..actually not even win...we just want to come in second to win the bottle of wine. 

We just booked our tickets to Dublin also. We leave at 9:10 am on Friday morning. I am so excited we are going away for the weekend. I don't know for sure what we're doing yet but I just know that we bought our train tickets!! 

I must also throw it in there that I have been addicted to listening to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. And on Youtube the "I've had the time of my life" song and video (of the last dance) gave me chills! GAHH I want to go back. I want to wear my "nobody puts baby in a corner" t-shirt loud and proud this weekend in Dublin! WOOHOO!

Well I'm off to bed. Goodnight moon


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